Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Something new has been added.

"Lady in Red"
16 x 20

11 x 14

I would paint this again, just for you.

"Grapes and Wine"
11 x 14
available for purchase
Email me for questions;

The life of a working (and selling) artist should be one of balance in being true to what and how you create, and the valuable commodity you have to share. When your art finds a home, and financial reward comes long, the light bill gets paid, and the next order of brushes is covered.

 It is a happy consequence of being able to illustrate the unspoken, to capture a moment of the mind, and find someone who sees the connection.  Often, a client will look at a piece and say "I feel like I am there".   Art is speaking to the heart. That the client is willing to part with money to take that treasure unto themselves is the ultimate compliment. 

But it could be that it matches the couch.  Keep grounded!

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